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Here are the latest nine entries from my blog and my teaching cabinet arranged chronologically in reverse order by their creation dates. Their excerpts are generated automatically from its content. So they could be stylistical incorrect.

Penny circle

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ACTE 1 [Penny circle Acte 1] Quantes monedes de cèntim caben al cercle gran? ACTE 2 - El diàmetre del cercle gran - Algunes dades de quantes monedes caben a cercles més petits: - Cercles buids - Les monedes que hi caben - Les dimensions dels cercles ACTE 3 [Penny circle […]

‘Phone. Home’

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ACTE 1 [vídeo] Què tardarem a fer aquesta cridada? ACTE 2 - Guia de telèfon (src) ACTE 3 [video] SEQÜELA Com hauria de ser de llarg el nombre de telèfon per tardar 10 minuts marcant-lo? NOTES - Disponible localment tots els vídeos: acte 1, acte 3 - Tota la informació que […]


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About me Who am I? My name is Xavier Bordoy. I’m teacher of Mathematics. Since season 2013-2014, I have teached in an adults school in Mallorca (Spain). The levels that I teach are secondary school equivalent courses and preparation for taking exams to university and vocational training admission. My email is […]

As one of my favorite blogroll authors does [1], I’ve decided to write a post every time I upload a new activity. Or at least when I upload an interesting one. Thus I could explain why I would choose this activity and how I would made it. And people who are […]

Presentació del curs

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QUANT A MI Som en XAVIER BORDOY - qui fa feina al CEPA SUD - dóna classes de MATEMÀTIQUES - reb correus electrònics a - que té TUTORIES - dilluns de 17:00 a 18:00 - dimarts de 16:30 a 17:30 ORGANITZACIÓ DE LA CLASSE Canvi de paradigma - Passarem d’aquesta […]